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Instaprint Wedding Photobooth – Adam And Eve Are In This Together For The Long Haul

When Satan tempted Eve with a red apple, a wedding was born. The supreme act of creation was entrusted to man albeit with certain conditions. This word of God has made us mortals and therefore lovable. The primary reason people get married in the Information Age is long term companionship and compassion. For a marriage to last between people that are all too human and therefore are often weak and fickle, we need memories to ward off those ugly moments that bring dark thoughts into us. Infidelity and apathy can creep oh-so-softly into our busy minds and we can lose faith in the concept of marriage. One small step is to record all happy events in our life to cherish them in the future. Why not start with the ubiquitous wedding ceremony? A wedding is such a remarkable life event that it needs a special mention in the annals of one’s life. If you are planning to share your wedding moments on Instagram, most of your work is already done.

Instaprint’s photo printing service Wedding Photobooth allows you to collate all your wedding photos in one hash tag and makes your wedding social. Digital memories were never so easy to cherish. Using this service, the wedding photographer’s professional pictures, your own amateur pictures, priceless pictures taken by your guests (who knows, there may be an untapped photographer in them) are all accessible through YOUR own wedding hash tag, will be cherished and easy to access at the very same time. Picture this, all these moments can be accessed via a cool trendy hash tag like “#JustMarried” or “#WhenTwoBecomeOne”.

The live feed for slideshow feature displays a slideshow of wedding pictures with your wedding hash tag in one Instagram microsite rather than access through multiple logins and user accounts like Facebook, Clickr, and Picasso. The Live gallery for printing helps you take different sized prints of your wedding pictures.

With an approval system that filters out any needless trouble that is created through photos nowadays, this wedding photobooth service will publish only the best and pride-worthy moments of your wedding.

If you have watched “Amelie”, you can never forget that liberating moment when she discovers that the pieces of selfie prints found in the photo booth in her local station were there because the technician used to photograph himself to test the photo booth. The suspense ends on such a note that the user wants to be pulled in further and wants to know more. Such wondrous, humane and compassionate connections can be made through photographs and mementos. When you revisit these shared moments, you will have an eternal, timeless, boundless memory that is so ensconced in love and compassion, not to mention togetherness.

Instaprint’s Wedding Photobooth is a brainchild of two friends who loved hash tags enough to want to curate them in a service that would also digitize memoirs. They are ensuring that special moments all over the world can be encapsulated in pictures, ensuring that your wedding memories are in the safest hands.

If you are thinking of having Live instagram printing services for your wedding, why not choose a reputable company like Instaprint to make this dream come true for you. Visit them at to find out more!

T-Shirt Printing The SureColor Way

The Epson F2000 SureColor is a revolutionary t-shirt printing machine that is changing the t-shirt printing business on its head. These past few years we have been seeing many new start-ups in t-shirt printing and that can be attributed to the most advanced direct to garment printer on the market. In forums across the world many people have been comparing the Anajet Sprint and the Epson F2000 from speed to quality and the verdict is in.

Most printers prefer the Epson F2000 and say the Anajet is poor quality and high maintenance. So, why the Epson F2000, what is so special about it? Epson’s are more expensive by at least 6K yet offer an array of special features like warranty on their printer heads, automatic cleaning heads, and automatic paint shaker. These features are truly above and beyond what Anajet can offer. Most people complain that the Anajet has to have paint shook often and the heads wear fast. Head replacement is a cost that no company wants to bare repeatedly in a span of 2 years.

The Anajet just doesn’t seem to compare to the Epson brand in any way. Anajet needs to revise their current warranty if they are going to keep their clients happy. Currently you can find Anajets for sale used under 10K due to the serious maintenance problems they face. They tend to be finicky and unreliable making business more complex and unable to meet deadlines. Epson F2000 has 5-Color UltraChrome DG in Technology that is plant based and is compatible with all cotton and 50/50 cotton poly blends. It was developed to help reduce cost of printer head replacement. The ink colors come out cleaner and brighter. The final feature is the automatic platen height detection LED beam. It scans the surface and protects head from hitting the garments.

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